Checkpoints is the new name but many people still call them “snapshots”. In any case, if you have lots of checkpoints and they are old they often use up lots of storage space and add some load to your storage system. The existing “out of the box” datasource as of May 2019 has datapoints for snapshot operations failures etc but not age, depth or space. This DataSource uses a PowerShell script with BatchScript method for efficiency.





  1. Download the datasource file and add it to your portal (Settings > DataSources > Add > from file). FYI: It’s applied to hasCategory – HyperV.
  2. Test using typical methods by looking at ‘Raw Data’ tab and click ‘poll now’ button.
  3. Set/adjust thresholds per your needs


Sorry, official tech support from LogicMonitor is not provided but I will try to help as my time allows.