This DataSource uses a PowerShell script instead of the WMI collection method so it can get info from two different WMI “classes” in a single DataSource. It still gets the info from WMI but avoids the limitation that WMI collection has which is it can only get from ONE class. I included the same graphs from both of the other DataSources – 7 graphs (4 from “Memory and Processes” and 3 from “Memory Stats”). I like this single DataSource because all memory info is in one DataSource so when I use it for dashboards, reports, or alerts, I don’t have to remember which DataSource it’s in.



  1. Download the DataSource File here and add it into your account (Settings > DataSources > Add > From file). Note: you can rename it to remove the ‘_single datasource’ if desired.
  2. You can compare graphs for a few days and disable the original two DataSources by changing the ‘Applies to’. Or, you can delete them since you can always get a fresh copy of the originals using “Add > from Repository”.


Official tech support not available from LogicMonitor but I will try to help as my time permits.