If you want to add some VMs from underneath VMware or Hyper-V or similar hypervisor, this Chrome Extension saves time. This will add them into LogicMonitor as regular devices so you can monitor the OS and apps on this device.



  1. If you don’t already have it, get the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store (search for LogicMonitor and pick the ‘Universal Script Runner’). Don’t forget to set your API id & key.
  2. On your Resource tree, navigate to your vCenter or hypervisor and select the ‘VM performance’ DataSource (because it contains instances that shows the names of your VMs). This assumes your names match your DNS names.
  3. Click the button in Chrome toolbar to slide out the extension screen then click ‘Run’ next to the script to run.
  4. Select the VMs you want from the list and click ‘Add devices’ button.


Official tech support is not provided by LogicMonitor but I’ll try to help.