I wanted to share this because there were a couple of steps that were not intuitive and took me a while to figure out. The first was downloading JRE from Oracle. I had to use Java SE 8 (not 11). Also, the instructions for enabling JMX mostly talked about bat files etc but I (and most other people) run Tomcat as a Windows service.  You need to use the Tomcat9w.exe to add in the settings that enable JMX. You also need to remove the backslashes and type in the port number you want to use.



  1. Download JRE (link)  and install. I suggest setting the environment variables
  2. Download Tomcat (link) and install.
  3. Copy the lines from the LogicMonitor help doc (link) to enable JMX. My example below
  4. Start Tomcat9w.exe and paste in the lines from previous step. Remember to remove the backslashes and type in your settings
  5. Restart the Tomcat services so it uses these new settings
  6. Set  a property on the server in LogicMonitor as follows:  tomcat.jmxports = 5000.
  7. Wait for the next Active Discovery or ‘Run Active Discovery’ by clicking the blue arrow pull down menu