Aerohive has the ability to manage their Wi-Fi access points in a cloud based web application. This DataSource uses the Aerohive API to monitor your access points and info including name, location, IP address, model, version, connection status, and number of connected clients.




  1. Download the DataSource file and import into your account (Settings > DataSources > Add > from file)
  2. Add a ‘virtual device’ into your Resource tree. I suggest adding (and disable ping)
  3. Set the 5 required properties on the device (see video and DataSource)
    aerohive_token.key  (from your mgmt acct)
    aerohive_owner_id  (from your mgmt acct)

    aerohive_client_id  (from your developer acct)
    aerohive_client_secret (from your developer acct)
    aerohive_client_redirect_URI (from your developer acct)

  4. Test by looking at the ‘Raw Data’ tab or clicking the ‘Poll now’ button


Technical support is not provided by LogicMonitor but I will help as my time permits.