This allows you to alert if both the WhiteSpace in an Exchange database and the free space on the underlying volume are below your threshold. I created a PowerShell script that retrieves this info and show the results as

‘problem_with_WhiteSpace’ = 0/1 and ‘problem_with_volume_free’ = 0/1.  It also shows ‘problems_combined’ = 0/1/2. This gives you flexibility to alert if BOTH (ie result=2) are problems or either ONE is a problem.



  1. Add the DataSource to your LogicMonitor account (Settings > DataSources > Add   (locator code DKJPCP or download)
  2. Set your thresholds by setting properties on the device named ‘threshold_whitespace’ and ‘threshold_volume_free’ (in GB).
  3. Test by looking at ‘Raw Data’ tab and ‘Poll now’ button.