Some LogicMonitor users want to know how many Windows patches are needed and the names and ‘classifications‘ of patches. You can get this info from free Microsoft patch management tool called WSUS but some people don’t want to manage that or simply don’t have a Windows domain. I found similar DataSources that show the quantity of patches needed but I didn’t find one that also shows the names and classifications.  For now, this is beta because I want a few people to test this especially for load with dozens (or more) Windows computers.  I show a DataPoint for ‘milliseconds_it_took’ to make sure it doesn’t take too much time (i.e. less than 30,000 milliseconds {30 seconds}). I purposely designed this to show the 5 ‘important’ classifications and not ALL 13 classifications of which 8 are ‘optional’ in my experience.  Please see my demo video below.

Microsoft’s Classifications:

  • Critical Updates
  • Definition Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Security-only Updates
  • Updates
  • Update Rollups
  • Monthly Rollups
  • Preview of Monthly Rollups
  • Drivers
  • Service Packs
  • Feature Packs
  • Tools
  • Servicing Stack Updates (SSU)



  1. Download the DataSource (XML file) and import it into your portal (i.e. Settings > DataSources > Add > From file).
    By default I applied it to all Windows servers but you can change this. To minimize the load on the collector, I set the Active Discovery interval to once per day and the collection script to once per day.
  2. To test, check the ‘Raw Data’ tab while you have “Update Summary” instance selected.
  3. If you want to override the default classifications from the 5 ‘important’ ones, create a property on the device or a group above called ‘windows.patch_classifications’ and in the value, type in a comma delimited list like:
    Critical Updates, Definition Updates, Security Updates, etc. Note: I could have done this using Filters on Active Discovery but this method allows different filters for different groups.


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