LogicMonitor has a great DataSource for detecting when website certificates expire but it needs to be exposed on a TCP port. A customer recently needed to check on a RADIUS certificate that was not exposed via TCP.  This DataSource takes a different approach. It uses a PowerShell command to retrieve some or all of the Certificates on the specified server then looks at the expiration date and does some math to show the number of days until it expires.



  1. Download this DataSource and import it into your LogicMonitor account.  Settings > DataSources > Add > from File
  2. Set the ‘Applies to’ to the server that has the certificate.
  3. Set the ‘Filter’ to look for the certificate(s) you care about.
  4. If you haven’t already, enable ‘PS remoting’. This is needed because the PowerShell scripts use the ‘invoke-command’ to run the command on the target server (not the collector). Some PowerShell commands let you specify a parameter for the target but this and several others don’t allow that.
  5. Test by clicking the ‘Poll now’ button on the ‘Raw Data’ tab