A customer asked if these old operating systems would work so I tested them. Yes, they work. See my videos below.


Windows XP:  I used Professional edition with SP3 (service pack 3)  32-bit.  Firewall off. It’s joined to my Windows domain.
Since I couldn’t figure out how to download and install the Windows Updates on XP, I tried a free utility called ‘Portable update‘ and installed ~150 updates.

Windows 2000 with SP4 (service pack 4). Windows 2000 only has 32 bit architecture and firewall is not a feature. It’s joined to my Windows domain.
I tried ‘Portable Update’ on Win 2000 but I got certificate errors and I was unable to find a place to download the Microsoft fix KB931125 that several articles said would get that working.

In both cases, LogicMonitor version is v90 and the collector is version 23.102. I worked in tests where collector was Windows 2012-R2 and Windows 2008-R2.

Disclaimer/Warning: Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in 2014 and Windows 2000. I don’t recommend using them.