A customer wanted to use a freeware tool called SmartCtl.exe to check the health of physical drives in Windows. I wrote a PowerShell script to do this. It runs the command on the remote/target computers. It checks for ‘PASSED’ in the result and alerts if it didn’t pass. It does this for each physical drive that it finds.

Screenshot below is the output from regular command. I convert it to <attribute name>   = <value> so it can be ‘interpreted’ more easily by RegEx in LogicMonitor


  1. Download this DataSource file (link) and install it in your account ( Settings > DataSources > Add > From file)
    Here’s the DataSource file ( link ) for the DataSource that retrieves the ‘attributes and their values’. My example only captures ‘Reallocated_Sector_Ct’ and ‘CRC_Error_Count’. Don’t forget to set your desired thresholds (if any).
  2. Set the ‘applies to’ in DataSource so it applies to the target computers you want to monitor.
  3. Install SmartCtl.exe on each of your target computers (download link)
  4. Enable PowerShell remoting feature if it isn’t already. (Microsoft link)
  5. Test by looking at ‘Raw Data’ tab.