Sometimes you only need simple up/down monitoring. You can ‘hang’ this test on an existing device (no extra $ charge). I usually hang it on the collector since that’s where the pinging happens from anyway but technically you can hang it off any existing device.  There’s a similar datasource called ‘port multi’ that can do a port check if your device or service listens on a specific port.

Below is my video because I think it’s easier to show you.

For people who prefer text instructions:

  1. Select the device (I recommend the collector)
  2. Pull down the blue arrow button that’s to the right of ‘Manage gear’ button then choose ‘add monitored instance’
  3. Type in ‘multi’ to find and select the datasource
  4. Type in the IP address or DNS name of what you want to ping in the ‘wildvalue’ field
  5. You should now see it under the datasource ‘branch’ on your device called ‘Ping (Multi)’
  6. To add more, you click the datasource and then click ‘Instances’ tab on right pane.  You can then add more ‘instances’.