It’s nice to know if the connection and login to a secure FTP site is working. This datasource uses a groovy script to connect then login and list the files. It even counts the number of files and folders in the root folder. If needed, you can add logic to alert you if a specified file exists.


  1. Download this DataSource file and import it into your account (Settings > DataSources > Add > from file )
  2. Set these properties so it can apply and work:   =
    sftp.user = mike
    sftp.pass = *****   (it auto hides)
    sftp.port = 22    (usually)
  3. Test by looking at the “Raw Data” tab. If it’s successful, the result is 0. Failure shows as 1.

DISCLAIMER:  official tech support for this is not available from LogicMonitor. Contact me and I will try to help you.