This Chrome Extension allows people to use, create, modify, and run JavaScript scripts.
So far, it has these examples:
  • If you’re and MSP, it can do several steps to create a customer (create groups for dashboard, resource tree, websites, and reports)
  • Show a list of DataPoints for one or more DataSources
  • Add a website check
My goal was to allow people to…
  • Run scripts – especially API calls without having to redo the credential overhead
  • Use a  GUI to see a description and ‘run’ a script
  • Run on most any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook) without needing to install a scripting language.
You can see and edit the scripts by clicking the “edit mode” tab to switch back and forth between edit and run modes.
You can also use Chrome menu > Developer Tools  (F12 key on Windows) then click the “Console” tab to see it running and error messages.

Click HERE to get it from the Chrome Web Store.


LogicMonitor Tech support is not provided. If you have feedback or questions, I will try to help.