All the cool kids these days are using Docker for their apps. To keep cool, you want to monitor their load and status. LogicMonitor does this using cAdvisor (called Container advisor) which is a free container made by google. There is a LogicMonitor DataSource that taps into the API of cAdvisor to monitors each of your containers. Below is a video showing how I set this up and how to troubleshoot.





Download and install the free container called cAdvisor.

You can do this when you run it or beforehand with this command:

docker pull google/cadvisor

The command you can use to start cAdvisor is shown below. Notice I used the ‘restart’ policy so it will run each time my computer boots and the ‘detach’ so I can get my command prompt back after running this command.

docker run –restart unless-stopped –detach -v=/:/rootfs:ro -v=/var/run:/var/run:rw -v=/sys:/sys:ro -v=/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:ro –privileged=true -v=/cgroup:/cgroup:ro -p=8080:8080 -d=true –name=cadvisor google/cadvisor:latest

If the ‘Docker containers’ branch doesn’t show up on your server in LogicMonitor, you can try these troubleshooting steps.  Make sure cAdvisor is running by going to your server IP address and port number   (e.g. ). You should see the cAdvisor web page.  You should be able to click the link to open and see more details on each of your containers.