First the disclaimers: Microsoft stopped providing tech support and updates back in 2015 and LogicMonitor tech support does not support running it as a collector. But, I got the collector to install and work by installing this Microsoft patch ( link ). It seems this forces more secure communications that LogicMonitor central servers require. Specifically the article says it allows AES-128 and AES-256 encryption methods.

These are the first 2 symptoms you see during installation. This patch overcomes these errors.

Send http request failed
errcode: -2146893018 (0x80090326)
message: The message received was unexpected or badly formatted.

Read http response failed
errcode: 12017 (0x00002ef1)
message: The operation has been canceled

Note: This was Windows 2003 (32-bit) with SP2. I also did all the Microsoft updates that were available.

Some of Microsoft’s Hotfixes require you to submit your email address and they send you a download link.