It’s often helpful to know how fast your WAN is performing between various offices. This copies a 10MB file (or specified size) from any collector computer to any target server(s) by specifying a UNC path. To closer approximate real-life users…It automatically creates the test file and fills it with random content each time so it doesn’t get cached and compressed by WAN accelerator appliances.


  1. Download the DataSource file and import it into your account ( Settings > DataSources > Add > From file )
  2. To do the file creation, I used a free utility called DUMMYCMD.exe (download here) and put it on the collector computer in any folder that’s in the path.
  3. On the device tree, select your desired collector and click the blue pull-down menu and click “add monitored instance” for each target to copy to. Fill in the blanks – see example below
  4. Test by looking at the “Raw Data” tab after the first few polls come in.
  5. Change the alert threshold to suit your needs.


  • This requires Windows collector because it’s a PowerShell script.
  • Don’t expect this datasource to be officially supported by LogicMonitor tech support.