I was experimenting and testing with my second-hand Cisco ASA 5505.  I learned some things that might be useful.

I think starting with version 8.0 of Cisco’s ASA software, it shows your SNMP community string in your config as just ***** for security reasons. If you want to see the actual string, then get into ‘enable’ mode and type the command shown below:

MikeASA1# more system:running-config | inc snmp
snmp-server host inside community mysnmp805
snmp-server location Atlanta office
snmp-server contact mike@mail.com
snmp-server community mysnmp805
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkup linkdown coldstart

In this case, my community string is set to “mysnmp805”. Notice it’s on two lines. specifies the IP address that’s allowed to communicate. It’s also the IP address where the device sends the SNMP traps. MikeASA1# is just the prompt that shows the name of my device. I hope this helps.