Sometimes it’s important to monitor the speed of a file copy. I wrote this datasource because a customer wanted to monitor the time to copy a file from their London office to their Baltimore office. I chose to script it in PowerShell. To detect problems, I set it to alert if the file doesn’t exist and I set it to alert if the target file is not the same size as the source file. For his 10MB test file, I set the time thresholds to
>3 seconds = warning
>5 seconds = error
>7 seconds = critical

but you can easily adjust as needed.


  1. Download this DataSource file. Add it to your LogicMonitor account  (Settings > Datasources > Add > From file)
  2. On the device add a property called “copy_file” to specify the file you want to copy (e.g.  \\server2\share1\ )
  3. Adjust the alert threshold if necessary.
  4. As usual, don’t forget to test. I suggest you look at the “Raw data” tab to make sure the numbers look correct.