It’s helpful sometimes to know the database names and the sizes of each, available space, user count, status. This uses the JDBC database connection method to get a list of databases as ‘instances’ then it gets detailed info on each of these databases. I filtered out the system default databases of master, model, msdb, and tempdb but you can change that. In Nov 2016 I updated this so it also works with Azure SQL. This was mainly due to the fact that Azure doesn’t let you specify master.sysdatabases. Instead it uses sys.databases.  I also changed it to use SQL authentication which is commonly used with Azure.


  1. Download this DataSource file and add it into your LogicMonitor account (Settings > DataSources > Add > From file ). It’s set to apply to all Windows servers but it will only show where there are instances (where the database query succeeds).
  2. On the device, set properties for jdbc.mssql.user and jdbc.mssql.pass if you use SQL authentication or change the URL/connection-string to use “integratedAuthentication=true” and remove the user= & password= .
  3. If desired, create threshold(s) to alert you.