Sometimes you need to know when a certain quantity of old files are sitting in a folder and shouldn’t be. For example, a daily process normally moves/transfers files to a different server but somehow it missed one.


  1. Download this DataSource file and add it into your LogicMonitor account (Settings > DataSource > Add > From file)
  2. Set these properties on the device so the datasource ‘applies to’ some device (for example)
    file_spec =  \\server1\share\*.txt
    minutes_age = 33
  3. If desired, set the threshold to alert you on a certain quantity of files. Do this by setting the datapoint within the datasource as shown in screenshot.


Screenshot below shows datasource and related graph:


Below shows where to set threshold for Qty of files:


For the technically curious, below is the PowerShell script I’m using:

$minutes_age = ##minutes_age##
$file_list = Get-ChildItem -path $file_spec | where {($_.Lastwritetime -lt (date).addminutes(-$minutes_age)) -and (! $_.PSIsContainer)}

Write-Host "The file list is... $file_list" # just show the list

$Qty = @($file_list).Count # counts the qty in list

Write-host "minutes_age threshold: $minutes_age"
Write-host "qty of files older than threshold minutes: $Qty"