This will alert you via LogicMonitor when a MS-SQL ‘job’ fails


  1. Create a LogicMonitor “EventSource”. Named “SQL job failures” or similar. I suggest that you clone the default “SQL eventsource”.  Set these settings:
    LogName   EQUAL    “Application”
    EventID    In    “1304|208”
    SourceName    Contains    “SQL”
  2. Use Microsoft’s SQL Management Studio to set each job on each of your SQL servers so that when a job fails, it will write a message to the Windows Application event log (screenshot below)
    Right click on job and click “Properties”
    Click on “Notifications” on left pane
    Click on “Write to Windows event logs” checkbox and click “When the job fails”
  3. Test. I suggest you create and run a bogus backup job to test. Look in the Windows Event viewer and you should notice an EventID 1304. 


Optional:  In LogicMonitor you can create an Alert rule that notifies a specific person or team. Do this by selecting the datasource name of the eventSource you named above

Below is screenshot showing how to create/clone a LogicMonitor EventSource


Below shows how to set “Write to event log” on each SQL Job


Below shows what the alert looks like in LogicMonitor.