This datasource for LogicMonitor shows you which users have the biggest mailboxes and monitors how big they are growing/shrinking over time.

It’s a Multi-instance datasource meaning the “discovery” script finds the names of the biggest mailboxes (these are the ‘instances’) and the collector script retrieves the actual size of each of those mailboxes in MB. Since the top mailboxes probably doesn’t change very often, I set it to discover (find the user names) at a 1 day interval and retrieve the sizes at the longest interval we can (1 hour). Of course, you can adjust these intervals.


  • Collector computer must have “Exchange Management Tools” installed on it (free on installation media/DVD). note: this is only available on 64-bit version so Windows must also be 64bit
  • Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013
  • Both PowerShell 3.0 and 4.0 were tested and work fine. 5.0 will probably work. 2.0 will probably NOT work

2016-03-18 04_50_38-Top Mailboxes (for Microsoft Exchange) datasource - Sales - LM Confluence


  • Download this DataSource file and add it into your LogicMonitor account (Settings > DataSources > Add > From file )
  • “Apply” the datasource to your server in the usual LogicMonitor way
  • Test. Usually by looking at the ‘Raw Data’ tab