LogicMonitor can easily alert you when a service fails, but it sure would be nice to TRY to restart it automatically (and alert you if it cannot). This datasource does just that.
If it’s running, it will show as a value of “1”.
If it’s stopped, it will try to restart and a value of “2” will show.
If it’s still stopped, it will try a second time. If it succeeds, a value of 3 shows.
If it fails to start after two tries – a value of “4” will show.
I chose this simple numbering because I set it to trigger a warning if it’s 2 or greater; error if 3 or greater and critical alert if 4 or greater.


  1. Download this DataSource file then import it into your account. Settings > Datasources > Add > From file
  2. While you have your desired computer selected in Device tree, add a monitored instance (blue down arrow > Add monitored instance. Type in the service name (e.g. Spooler) in the “wildcard” field. Give this instance a name and description. You can add additional instances on the “Instances” tab of right pane.
  3. Test by looking in the “Raw Data” tab and “Graph”. A value of 1 should show normally. Manually stop the service and you should see a 2 on the next ‘cycle’ which is at 1 minute interval.

LIMITATIONS/DISCLAIMER: Official LogicMonitor tech support is not available. Use at your own risk.
This currently requires the typical setup whereby your collector is running as a domain account and computer you are monitoring is also on that domain. i.e. I haven’t enhanced it to allow it to use wmi.user and wmi.pass properties specified on the device.

This shows when a service is restarted

This shows when a service is restarted